Visit Bologna

Bolognese character is expressed in the red color of its buildings and the long porticoes which are everywhere (almost 40 km). The center of Bologna is around the magnificent twin squares 'Maggiore' and 'Nettuno'. The main tourist attractions and historical monuments, including the two famous leaning towers, are within walking distance from them.

Piazza Maggiore



It was once the center of political and religious power, but is now one of the main gathering places of the city, used for meetings, concerts or simple evening strolling. The square was built in the 13th century to create a complex of buildings for public events.

Around the square there are the Gothic Basilica of San Petronio, the Palace of the Notaries (Palazzo dei Notai), and the Archeological Museum.

The fountain of Neptune, symbol of Bologna, stands at the centre of the adjacent Piazza Nettuno. Designed by the architect Tommaso Laureti, the statue was commissioned by the Cardinal Carlo Borromeo and executed by Giambologna, a Flemish artist who completed the work about in 1565. The bronze statue of the marine God is high 3,20 meters and weights 22 quintals.


Two Towers

At a short distance from Piazza Maggiore you'll find the Towers, symbols of Bologna.

The Tower of Asinelli, which belonged to an important local family, was built at the beginning of the 12th century. It is the taller of the two towers being about 98 m. It is open to the public and if you want, you can climb to the top but, be warned, you'll have to climb 498 steps.

The Tower of Garisenda dates back to the 11th century. It was lowered around 1360 for fear it could collapse.

Not far away you'll see the Piazza della Mercanzia, famous for its outstanding Loggia dei Mercanti.

In Piazza Santo Stefano you will find an unusual cluster of four interlocking Romanesque churches. The oldest, the church of SS. Vitale e Agricola, has parts of Roman temples and columns. There is also an interesting courtyard with a maze of little chapels


 And much more...

The Pinacoteca Nazionale is one of Italy's best galleries with several important works of art. The University, one of Europe's oldest, is worth a visit. Palazzo Poggi has two interesting museums.

Please, find time to have a look at the Municipal Tourism Office or at the Bologna Virtual Tour.